Friday, August 21, 2009

Allow Me to Introduce Myelf...

Before getting all hot & heavy into my postings, I think it's only appropriate to introduce myself in hopes of you saying, "Gee, maybe this chick actually knows what she's talking about!" :o)

I am 24 and have lived in Baltimore my entire life - with the exception of living in Pittsburgh for 4 years for college. I graduated from Carlow Univerity with a degree in Mass Communication and a minor in Busniess Management. I used my degree to break into the event planning world. I have been working full-time as an event planner for 2 years now. I have an absolute blast doing it. Not only do I get to be creative and use my imagination every day, but I throw parties for a living! Whether it be a wedding, gala, mitzvah, festival, or any other event, I love having my creativity tested to the max!

My work is not the only place I get to use my imagination. I love spending my spare time being crafty and imaginative as well. Scrapbooking, cooking, reading, and re-decorating a room are only a few ways I like to spend my extra time.

Stay tuned to see events I have planned and brought to life as well as events I am working on, what crafty projects I'm doing, and anything else I think you will enjoy reading about! I sure you enjoy what I have done as much as I have!

Cheers, Vicki

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