Saturday, August 29, 2009

Let's Get Personal

We're gonna switch gears here a little bit and I want to share some scrap-booking I've been working on with you.

To start things off, I want to share with you a scrapbook I have been working on and what inspired me to do this project.

A few years ago I got into scrapbooking, but I was making them for other people.  For my first scrapbook, I made one for my best friend after her baby shower.  After that, I made a few other ones here and there for some other friends.

Back a few months ago, I decided to get back into scrapbooking.  While I am working on a few scrapbooks at one time, the one I want to share with you is my “2009” scrapbook.  For this scrapbook, I thought it would be a good idea to make it in to a yearbook style scrapbook.  So, this book starts at the beginning of the year and includes all major events and some every day events (i.e. holidays, birthdays, girl’s nights, and more).  The best part about this scrapbook, in my opinion, is that it’s a work in progress and I get to take my time with it.  When it’s all done, it will be nice to sit back and look at the whole year and then get ready to start one for 2010!

I just received newly printed pictures, so I can start working on this book again.  In the meantime, keep a look out for updates on this book and postings on other books I'm working on.

Ciao, -Vicki

The inside cover

New Years & A Night Out : A High School Event I Chaired

Saint Patty's Day & A Night W. the Boys : The Circus W. My Cousin's Kids

Camping & A Night Out : My Trip to New Orleans & Baton Rouge

Celebrating My Birthday in Pittsburgh & Celebrating My Birthday in Baltimore


  1. Awe my fat face is on your blog!! Lol!! I say when you're done re-doing your room I'm inviting myself over and we're having a scrapbooking night!! I've been doing a lot of crafty stuff I just haven't done any scrapbooking since the last night we did it here!!!

  2. FYI, your face isn't fat!
    Speaking of my room, in my head I already have it all planned out!
    I'm going to have a table that is going to be designated my "craft table."
    Best part, I don't ever have to clean it up! :o)

    I'm hoping it will all be done by the end of the month and we can finally start with our bi/weekly scrap-booking dates!