Friday, August 21, 2009

We're Turning Ten!!

To start things off, I find it only appropriate to share with you the first event I handled as the lead planner! I must say, I was quite excited about the final outcome!

When children's museums turn 10, it's time to throw a party - and it better be a BIG one!

For this particular event, I worked with a NY Club theme. But, since the event took place at the museum we also needed to showcase what the museum was all about. The space truely allowed us to conqour both of our goals! But, it didn't come together without a lot of work. My vendors and staff couldn't have been any better. They were awesome! The event took a total of 18 hours to set-up, 4 hours to take place, and 2 hours to break down!

Just to name a few things I had brought in
  • 25 - Stand-Up Cocktail Tables
  • 25 - Sit-Down Cocktail Tables
  • 20 - Banquet Tables
  • 150 - Black Wood Chairs
  • 80 - Black Chiavari Bar Stools
  • 70 Pieces of Linen (Spandex & Polyester)
  • 6 - Portable Bars
  • 5 - 42" Plasma Screens
  • 1 - 20' Screen (for behind main stage)
  • Centerpieces
  • Club Lounge Furniture (Love Seats, Chairs, End Tables, and more)
  • And much much more...
Enough about what went into making the event. Let's see the final product!


As for most events, lighting was key! This particular venue was easy to work with when it came to lighting. While we had to bring some outsourced lighting in, the museum was a night club before becoming the museum and the night club left all their fixtures behind. Best part, they still worked! :o) But, to bring in more lighting elements, we had illuminated cocktail tables. As you can see in the last picture, the tables that had white spandex linen on them had an LED light fixture under the table that changed colors. It was a fantastic way of incorporating club style lighting!

Oh, and last but certainly not least... THE CENTERPIECES!

Sadly, the pictures don't do the centerpieces justice. But, you get the idea of what we did!

A purple martini was the signature drink of the event. So, we re-created our own version of the martini. The floral gel in the glass was dyed purple (although the camera flash makes it appear green). The stem of the class was wrapped with purple wire. Ten green marbles with small red felt dots were placed around the base of the glass to symbolize the museum's 10 years. There were also multi-colored foam olives on skewers coming out of the glass.

For my first event as the lead planner, I was ecstatic with the final outcome. It took a lot of energy to bring it all together, but when my client told me they couldn't be happier I knew it was a huge success and I couldn't be happier!

I sure hope you enjoyed my first post and keep a look out for my next what will be coming soon!



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